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Why mamastore :)

Becoming a mother recently opened a whole new world for me. New duties, skills and things to learn, life dynamics, but most importantly, completely different level of emotions. You love and worry with every single cell of your body and there is nothing that would stop you to. I do love being a mom and I am happy to see other moms enjoying this very special period of life. But I also know that this period can be super tough as you are trying to be the best mom in the world. Ok, maybe tough and funny at the same time. Even a simple shopping was for me a ticking bomb as I never knew when my “always hungry” son would start screaming like no tomorrow. Slowly I started to realize that I need to get things which will simplify my life (though it took me few weeks to realize that there is something like nursing cover that i could use happily in public and not worry about the great appetite of my baby). The fact that I live in Switzerland didn’t really help as I either didn’t find what I needed or even if I did, I just rolled my eyes over the prices. So while breastfeeding throughout the nights,  I was googling all over the world the things which i needed or wanted to make my journey as a mom effective and pleasant. I started to play with the idea of simplifying the hunt for other moms. There were 3 things which helped me to move forward (obviously only once I managed to get 5 hours of straight sleep (yuhuuu)) :
  1. Having always some moms around – fortunately I realized that I am not an overdemanding, obsessed mom and many of us experience the same – lack of choice and crazy prices.
  2. I could finally capitalize on the years I spent in a multinational company designing products and global brands for women.
  3. Going through the pregnancy and newborn care myself, I really could tell what products I needed and what was just “useless (but often very cute) crap”
So this is how mamastore was born. Mama and babygoods with character for affordable prices. Enjoy! All the products were designed and chosen with love (and joy :)). for you and for the most precious little people you have in your life.