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Oh baby baby … baby shower one more time!

Once you hit a certain age, the pregnant bellies start multiplying around you with the speed of light. Everybody is talking about getting ready for the baby with this & that, hypno delivery, epidural yes or no, husband fainting… oh yes, all the details that wouldn’t even cross your mind. :)And then you start getting invitations to numerous baby showers, thinking again and again what to bring and what present to buy. It can be scary at the beginning, but eventually you learn how to swim in the baby shower “flood”. And then comes a day, when you need to organize one. And of course, you want to make the best one, the most entertaining one, with the best decoration and mostly, you want to make the mama-to-be very happy. :) Wuaaaaah… We’ve been through it – as attendees, organizers, and mamas-to-be as well. So here you can find how mamastore mamas deal with babyshowers.
  1. New baby on the way – babyshower on the horizon! Yeeey!
At mamastore, we actually love babyshowers! They combine all the best things of life: friends, fun, nice food and the most important one –welcoming a small bundle of joy that will change one’s life (forever).
  1. Tailor it to the mama-to-be
Forget what you like and dislike. This is the last time when your expecting friend will be the star of the day. (After she delivers she will become a mama and the baby will come first. Always. Trust us.) So try to think what SHE likes in the following areas:
  • Decoration – is she the elegant classy lady that will go for gentle or neutral colors and patterns? Does she prefer typical baby things – blue/pink/elephants and bunnies? Or she is nothing like a “normal” girl and she would go for something completely nuts – maybe skulls? Or a hippie owl? You don’t need a wagon of decorative items, just some pompoms/balloons, tablecloth, plastic/paper plates and cups, napkins and confetti. That usually is enough to do the job.
babyshower decoration cupcakes baby shower decoration food baby shower decoration
  • Food – as people usually mingle around the room, we recommend finger food – to cover all different types – sweet, salty, veggie, meaty, fruity. And CUPCAKES – all time babyshower favourite! Find some inspiration on the pics below. If you need recipes, feel free to contact us. ;)
baby shower food baby shower finger food
  • Activities - and this is the time when you really need to find the preference of the mama-to-be. You want to get it right! Some mamas would “play” all night, some detest games, some like more emotional ones, some crazier ones… There are zillions of games and things you can do and we will talk about the proven ones in a separate post. :) But no stress, there are a couple of good activities for every type of mama.
  • Gifts - as said, all mamas are different. You have 3 choices:
  1. Ask her to prepare a list of the gifts and attendees can pick one they will buy. (Just make sure you share the picks amongst each other so she doesn’t end up with 3 bottle dryers. :))
  2. You fish her wishes from the daddy-to-be. Usually they are very cooperative so don’t be shy and ask them for help!
  3. You leave it to the fantasy of the invitees, or you can give them some suggestions. We always prefer practical gifts, so here are few ideas:
  • Baby towel – you can never go wrong. Make sure to choose a soft one, ideally from bamboo. They are organic and very absorbent. Really necessary for a newborn to keep him warm and dry!
  • Nursing essentials – if she plans to breastfeed, here are stylish yet super practical nursing must haves: nursing cover, nursing pillow and bamboo muslins. You’ll be thanked over and over again.
  • Something not that practical, but very personalized – handmade baby name (in case you know the name of the baby-to-come)
baby shower gift idea 2 nursing pillow ecru penguins nursery decoration (12 of 17)
  1. Enjoy the babyshower party!
There is no right or wrong for the babyshower. So even if the cupcake frosting won’t be perfect, the gift will not arrive on time or a balloon will fall from the ceiling – it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to enjoy the event with all the friends of the mama, have some girly chit-chat and wonder how the coming baby will be.
  1. Clean-up
Yes, you ‘hear’ correctly. Clean-up. Some babyshowers take place at the home of the mama-to-be. And after a great babyshower there is a big mess: food leftovers, dishes, napkins, gift wrapping paper, decoration… It’s a different kind of a party but it’s still a party. :) From our experience, every mama-to-be is so excited and hyped after a great babyshower, that she feels she can conquer the world and feels absolutely ready to tackle the mess after the guests leave. But don’t let her! After all, it’s difficult to bend down for those papers on the floor with a big belly, her feet probably hurt after running around the whole evening and anyway, soon she’ll have enough of trouble & work on her shoulders. So clean-up before you say goodbye for the night. :) And give her a last biiiiig hug with that big belly. (Next time you’ll be hugging her she probably won’t have it any more. :)) mamas from mamastore PS:Don’t forget to take pictures and archive them. In few years, somebody will be laughing hard at them. (The only question is who. :))