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why 1 blanket is never enough…

We are obsessed with baby blankets. Well, OK, we are obsessed with many things, but the blankets are definitely somewhere at the top of the list. If someone recorded all the moments we spent on baby blankets, it would probably make a good soap-opera. :) With hell of a content :) What is this one made of?  Are these ones top top quality? “Oh boy, this is not a good one, we need to kick it out.”  What strollers’ colors are hot this season? “Uuuuuu, look at this one, it looks amazing. Are you blind? It’s from last year.”  Is this blanket soft enough? Is this comfy? Does it feel great when you touch? Do you want to touch it? Does this look amazing? Does this one fit to mamastore?  We keep talking about blankets…..and not only talking. We keep inspecting them, touching them….and yes, even cuddling in them. Some of them are simply too soft to resist. category-winter-blankets We know, it might sound strange, but for us, the blankets that we use for our little ones ARE important. Here is why:
  1. Baby blanket is mama's fashion accessory. 
Once your belly starts growing, suddenly there are more and more bunnies and elephants around you. World gets pink or blue. And that is just the beginning. Soon you realize that instead of lipgloss and tons of your beloved knick-knacks, your purse becomes a neverending source of diapers, things to munch on, homeopathies for teething and lots of other things that you didn't even know existed. And - you accept it. You are a mama and you love every minute of it.  But you are still a woman. And you want to keep looking feminine and attractive and express yourself through the accessories you use. And voila, this is where the blankets play an important role (apart from the cool diaper bag :)) ! Elegant? Colorful? Printed? Knitted? You subconsciously choose blankets that fits you and your style. (OK, your pram as well :D)). At mamastore, we try to offer wide selection that every mama can relate to :)
  1. The little precious people in the world are exploring the world through senses…..and as such, even if you probably never thought about it that way, even through the blanket
Did you know that touch is developed first among senses? It develops early in utero – at less than 8 weeks, when the fetus is less than 2cm long, the sense of touch is already highly developed – before there are eyes or ears. Once the baby is born, all around the baby is stimulating the development of its senses. Being it the touch of your hands or the blanket you cover the baby with. Every detail of the blanket plays an important role. Baby is touching different surfaces with its hand, leg, cheek…. experiencing the material, structure, warmth, the way the blanket feels. That's why at mamastore, we are obsessed about the quality, the touch and the materials we choose.
  1. 1 blanket is never enough :)
Mood? Weather? Newest fashion trend? Or simply practicality? Oh yes. This makes us have more blankets and we love it!!! When I was pregnant, my mom told me that you can always make a good use of any number of  blankets. Well, after 3 kids and 5 grandkids she apparently knew what she was talking about. After having mine, I agree. :) Are you also a proud owner of big blanket selection? Congratulations.:)  If not…..hurray shopping spree! After all, you really do not want to carry 1 poor blanket from your crib to your living room to your stroller to your car. As big blanket believers, at mamastore we have 4 types of blankets and we refresh our collection regularly based on newest color and design trends: A) winter blankets- cuddly and warm for the snowy and windy days. Based on the type, they either have 2 layers or a special filling inside. Extremely soft and fluffy, you wish you have one in adult size :) winter-blankets-16x9 B) spring and autumn blankets- single layered, but still provide warmth, ideal for spring days or a car kinderdecke (15 of 22) C) summer blankets- light blankets for warm summer days, to protect from wind or sun. Or for a nice ev ning walk. category-light-blankets D) universal blankets- special type that you could use anytime. Funky, decoration - like this one :) cuddly kid blanket   At mamastore, we are obsessed with  baby blankets.  Rightly so :) Check-out our newest collection ;) PS: And yes, those beautiful light summer colors can get dirty. We are talking kids. :) But hey, who cares, they really are all machine washable! We tried! ;)