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Happy Mamas’ Day

Girls or women, we are all obsessed with tests, quizzes....or at least based on talking with my friends it seems so. :) Teenagers’ or female magazines clearly also believe so, because in every single one of them there is at least 1 test or quiz. “What’s your ideal sex position?”, “Are you in love or are you forcing it?”, “How much do you really know about Leonardio di Caprio?”, “What kind of female are you?”….I wonder why is that. Maybe it’s reassuring if a test confirms you should indeed cut your hair short or gives you tips how to land the man of your dreams (since the one in your bedroom is only matching your ideal 84%). Maybe it’s because it’s a great feeling you are a part of a group – all cool women of the world. :) And maybe it’s just simply fun to do tests, to laugh about yourself, about your friends (and with them), about the article…..And you know what? Sometimes actually those quizzes and tests might give you cool ideas. :) In light of the spirit, here’s a quiz my friend was sharing with us recently - ‘What type of mama are you?’ (she sent it 3x already, I swear!). It’s a quick fun read…or might even get you thinking. I wonder how you will feel about it. :) Because when I started thinking …I couldn’t really fit myself in any of the ‘boxes’.  What type of mama am I? Sometimes “running around with a box of cleaners”, sometimes lazy…. sometimes fashionista, sometimes “whatever clothes is clean will do”… sometimes cooking 3-course lunches (separate for each kid!), sometimes “honey, just feed them anything”…. No matter how I looked at it, nothing was standing out for me. But then I imagined my little ones….(already nicely playing together for whole 4 minutes. Mmm, that’s getting suspicious, need to go and check on them)….imagined their happy faces and I knew. No matter what type of mama I am, no matter what parenting style I have, or if I am consistent all the time…one thing is sure. In my kids eyes I’m the best mama in the world. I feel it in their their sticky kisses when they bid me goodnight. In their spontaneous hugs. In their twinkly eyes always when I enter the room. In their out of the blue blurted “Mama I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much”. (OK, that’s my 2.5 year old, my little one just says “iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”). In the way they cuddle next to me the closest possible. In the way they excitedly welcome me as if not seeing me for a week…after 10min trip to the grocery store.  In the trust they have in whatever I say or do. In every ‘don’t worry mama'. In the clumsy loving way they try to be helpful and ease my everyday tasks. In the way they always run to the safety of my arms when they feel scared or hurt.  In the fact I am included in all the goodnight stories they tell to their teddy bears…. One thing is sure. No matter how I am, in my kids’ eyes I’m the best mama in the world. (Even if I screw up here & there. :) ) Just like for me my mama is the best mama in the world.* And just as my daughters once will be the best mamas in the world. Just like you are the best mama in the world! Every mama is. That’s simply the way mamas are. Isn’t that amazing? Happy Mamas’ Day! Oh and here is the test just in case you’d like to find out a bit more about what type of mama you are (on top of being the best, of course!) By the way, it reads better with a glass of wine in hand. (or 2 :) ). It’s Mamas’ day after all. :) A great reason for a little celebration. Cheers. *Even if in the heat of the moment, I might forget about it sometimes…esp. in the heat of the moments when she’s sharing parenting advice regarding her grandchildren. :)   Types of Mamas Mama The Saint. Caring, a little old-fashioned. If she finds a willing partner to pay for the bills, happily and often stays at home with the kids for many years. Great to have as a coffee partner, as she’ll always serve a freshly baked cake with it.” Mama The Tidy. Her apartment is always squeaky clean, her favorite google search includes the ‘best closet organizing tips’. She’s washing hands of her kids very carefully and always has wet napkins and antibacterial soap on hand. Tag along for a trip to nature. She’ll make sure your own kids don’t come back home looking like little pigs. Mama The Lazy. Does not believe in any golden rules for raising children or daily schedules. Sometimes lunch is at 1pm, sometimes at 3pm. If you are the organized soul, planning vacation together might not be the best idea. Mama The Fashionista. Is flourishing especially if she has a daughter. Both of them look like from a fashion magazine, sometimes even in matching outfits. Having a boy doesn’t stop her either. Pity husbands willing to play along are rather rare. Mama The Perfect. The menace of all the other mamas. Wants everything and immediately, does not hesitate to put all her energy to a task at hand. On top, has a tendency to consider a perfection as the ultimate goal. Mama the Hippie. Breastfeeds for many years, refuses plastic toys and classical education. Enjoys swimming against the current. Summer camps with her are a blur of dancing by the fire, body painting, observing clouds and scary night games (often organized by the kids). Mama The Nutritional Adviser. Reads labels, uses fresh ingredients for cooking. Her children always have a fresh and nutritionally balanced snack on hand. Rather don’t discuss with her your night trips to the fridge or occasional visits to McDonald’s. Mama the Olympian. Has a brisk walk and wears comfy clothes. Instead of new high heels she’d rather buy sneakers for her gym classes or running T-shirt with fancy cooling function. She’ll always find the time for sport, her passion. Her kids are the ones your kids hate during PE classes as school.