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Fathers’ Day 2016 – What to Expect When Your Wife is Expecting

To the future dads1 out there, wondering how this new life is going to be like, let me give you a little peak. When you take 135 densely packed pages detailing “all a dad is and should be”, boil it down hard and let it dry for 4 months, you’ll be left with only two words that explain and describe everything: Caring and Intuition.

On Caring

I’m sure you care about a whole list of things today and so you will even after the D-day. But very soon, there will be The One Care to rule them all. It's The Care that will suddenly make you a very speed-aware driver. It’s The Care that will keep you up all night watching your baby sleep because ... he does breathe a bit funny today, doesn’t he? It’s The Care that will sharpen your senses to near-Mr. Miyagi level – you might not be able to catch a fly with chopsticks, but catching a child before his head hits the pavement (most of the time) is a good start. And it’s The Care that will manage your calendar, set your priorities, turn your world and make sure you do your best at all times – even if it will never seem good enough.

On Not Caring

If you’re anything like me, you have made a list of all the horribly disgusting things you’ve seen parents do and negotiated upfront that you will NEVER ...
  1. change diapers,
  2. clean vomit,
  3. finish food the baby spits out,
  4. etc.
I will not sugar coat it for you. THAT list AND far worse is happening my friend. Oh yes. But the story has a silver lining - you will not care a bit!2

On Intuition

While The Care is an answer to the “What?” and “Why?” of being a dad, Intuition is your answer to “How?”. Don’t know how to play with a one year old? Not sure if he’s old enough for a beer at 2? Should he binge-watch GoT with you, or maybe not? Are there any pitfalls to “casting” a baby sitter? Just use your head, the answers are all there. And if you feel adventurous there are 5 Simple steps you can always follow:
  1. Put on a tin hat and use Google.
  2. Read the gazillion contradicting opinions on the simplest of things.
  3. Close Google.
  4. Forget all about it.
  5. Use your own intuition3
Let me end with a disclaimer. I am a father of 1 (one) child4. He is two years old. You should heed my advice as you do of a medic who sort-of went to med-school for two years and might have missed some of the more important lectures. Still – it’s all true.   1 and moms 2 Ok I’m not finishing the spit out food, that’s where I DRAW THE LINE!! For now. Don’t ask me tomorrow. 3 For a bit of fun run you can try “toddler wakes up coughing at night, how do I help”. The magnificent choice of sure-proof remedies covers the full spectrum from “intravenous cocktail of antibiotics, steroids and Pu-239” to “wrap a Canadian squirrel in grandfather’s sock soaked in warm virgin coconut oil and strap it to your child’s chest while gently knocking on your forehead.” 4 to my best knowledge