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How to survive the first weeks with a newborn

The long-awaited moment finally arrived. You are a mum. Amazing, right? You have returned home with your new baby all excited… and then couple days or even hours later you already feel overwhelmed and helpless. Daily life with a newborn can be chaos. First weeks can be tough. You don’t know how to hold the baby. You don’t know why the baby’s crying. You are not sure why you are crying. You are saying words you would have never used before to near- strangers (reflux, poop, nipples ...). There are 100 more reasons to argue about with your partner. Non-stop feeding, piles of diapers. And of course, no sleep for months. And in case you are lucky and your baby is picture perfect, you are surely stressing about when will the dreaded change come…because everyone around says it’s too good to be true. Parenthood reminds you a bit of a roller-coaster. Excitement, fear, expectations, constant changes…feelings as diverse as they can get. But don’t worry, there is an end to every upside-down turn. There’s an answer for everything, you just need to find it. You will soon learn what your baby needs, what works, what doesn’t, when does she want to be held, when fed, how to make her sleep…And at the end all you will remember is just the sheer excitement and joy of the ride. But until you figure out how to manage all those crazy turns, every little help counts. To help shorten the learning curve, here are some tips to make those first weeks or months a bit smoother, those upside-down turns a bit easier to manage (and don’t forget, there is always grandparents in case you need a break... or just an hour of sleep).

1. Sleep when the baby sleeps

Try babynest to keep your baby close and have a nice slumber together. Babynest is designed for safety and close contact with parents. It allows you to sleep closely to a baby but separately at the same time without being afraid of falling asleep and harming it unintentionally. Babynest also prevents baby from rolling around (and off) the bed. So you don’t need to worry and can catch some zzzz’s. Your little angel will be sleeping happily, too - soft comfortable babynest imitates mother’s womb making him feel secure and sleep better.

2. Eat well – in a sitting position and not running around with whatever you managed to grab

And don’t worry about the little one. While you eat, you can keep him busy with this snugly comfort toy. Your baby will adore it! Pleasant to touch, this 100% organic bamboo muslin cloth provides a gentle sensory experience for the little one. A cute animal with distinctive eyes grabs attention of little discoverers for precious moments (so go and grab a meal). Just know, once they spot it, they will not let it go/never give it back/they will hang on to it all the time. So you better get at least 2 of these (as a backup when you need to wash one 😊).

3. Get out of the house

For nonstop breastfeeding mums of / and hungry little tigers, nursing cover will be your lifesaver. Our breathable, lightweight nursing covers let you breastfeed your baby discreetly wherever you are. No more fiddling around with large scarfs when baby is hungry. Easy to put on with 1 hand; with strengthened neckline for direct eye contact with your hungry tiger. Hit the restaurants, parks or beach without worry and enjoy coming summer with your growing family.

4. Don’t be shy to get some help. Grandparents, family or friends, welcome visitors without stress. And give them something to do.

Just put your little one in our duvet swaddle and you are ready. Our unique duvet swaddles are specially created for ultimate comfort and feeling of security of your baby. Comfortable cocoon with open design reminds the baby of safety of your womb, helps soothe and calm without limiting its movement. In the swaddle, your little one will be comfortable even amidst army of visitors that want to hold him/her (and you can take the shower meanwhile) Also perfect for new daddies, as it makes holding the fragile body of your little angel easy.

5. Simplify whatever you can

Great example simplifying life of many active parents is car seat blanket. No more hassle with dressing up. Modern parents are always on the move... friends, shopping, doctors…but dressing the baby (especially in those early months when they are fragile and can’t yet hold their heads) is giving many parents a headache. Solution is easy 😊 stop dressing, start wrapping... ideal to control the warmth of the baby when moving between inside and outside. Car seat blankets with multiple openings for car seat harness is practical and universal. Soft and cozy material is suitable for all year usage.

6. No need to be perfect. Fake it till you make it.

Mama must be always ready. Need to clean spit-out? Create a shade during summer stroll? Or cover the baby when sun hides behind the clouds? With our premium quality, stylish multi-use muslins nothing will surprise you. Made of unique organic bamboo material, they are luxuriously soft, delicate, lightweight… and can be used for just about anything. It does get easier, we promise. Be creative, patient, and hold tight to your sense of humor! And everything will be fine.