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  • PREMIUM Vanilla sky GIFT set

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    If we would describe heaven, we would say it’s….Soothing. Indulgent. Delectable. Sensory Excitement. Our Vanilla Set is all that & more. Creme de la creme. It includes:

    • Our unique duvet swaddle that every baby & new parent will adore. Baby will love warmth, comfort & cuddlines combined with freedom to move his arms & head and interact with those around him. Every new parent will love security and confidence it provides, making handling of the newborn easier and ensuring proper back support.
    • High-quality double-layered  blanket – warm, cuddly and luxuriously soft. Ultimate comfort for the baby. Unique design for mama. Stylish yet practical winter accessory.
    • Delicate lightweight knit blanket for warmer seasons – silky smooth, soft, cooling. Ultimate comfort for the baby. Everyday luxury for mama.
    • Cuddly, soft and comfortable pillow – as beautiful as it is practical. Every mama will enjoy looking at it. Every baby will enjoy snuggling in it
    CHF 148.47