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Pregnancy dresses


    Maternity dress – Little black

    5 out of 5

    Exclusive maternity version of the little black dress should be in the closet of every mama-to-be. Essence of elegance and style.

    • Graceful & comfy ‘little black’ – flexible fabric perfectly shapes the silhouette, while leaving freedom of movement
    • Thought-through to perfection – jacquard weave in white and black snake pattern, velvet ribbon on the belly finished with a gold tip, black chiffon frivolously revealing the shoulders & back
    • Ideal choice for many occasions from important meeting at work to evening in a theatre
    • Return and size exchange for free
    CHF 99.00 CHF 89.00
  • Maternity dress – Simply classy

    5 out of 5

    Maternity dress full of style, grace, fantasy. Even Audrey Hepburn would envy you!

    • Adorable dress with a perfect cut. Together with the belt optically slims the silhouette giving it style and grace.
    • Captivating look won’t leave anyone indifferent.
    • Will make any occasion unique and special.
    • Size exchange for free.
    CHF 89.00

    Maternity dress – Timeless romance

    0 out of 5

    The most charming maternity dress ever.

    • Your figure at its best! – elastic material and flattering cut neatly models the figure
    • Simply charming combination of classic cut and with unusual print.
    • Belt in coral color add lightness and romance to the dress
    • Ideal choice for any occasion. Just put it on & smile 🙂
    • Size exchange for free
    CHF 99.00 CHF 80.00

    Pregnancy dress – Be bold

    0 out of 5

    This maternity dress is sophisticated, bold, energizing, Color therapy for future mamas.

    • Your figure at its best! – brilliant cut and bold colors perfectly mask any imperfections, attractive neckline model the cleavage; elastic material adapts to growing belly
    • Unusual design and great cut give energy, smile, satisfaction and confidence
    • Made to impress at any occasion
    • Size exchange for free
    CHF 99.00 CHF 69.00

    Pregnancy dress – Flora

    0 out of 5

    Pregnancy dress Flora is feminine, charming, sexy. Like every soon-to-be mama!

    • Pencil cut underlines the figure and legs
    • Charing, sophisticated floral pattern will flatter every type of figure
    • Suitable for any occasion be it friend’s wedding, day at work or romantic dinner
    • Size exchange for free
    CHF 99.00 CHF 89.00
  • Pregnancy dress – Playful mama-to-be

    5 out of 5

    Bubbly, yummy, fun, supercute. This maternity dress is hard to resist.

    • Simple mini tent-cut dress comfortably fits the growing belly and emphasizes the legs
    • A modern twist on 60s dresses with colorful polka dots. For the rebel in you
    • Multifaceted – will look phenomenal with accessories of any color
    • Brings playfulness and joy to any occasion, be it summer holiday, day at work, stroll in the city or a girls’ night out (enjoy them while you can! Even if you go home at 11pm because you are dead tired. :))
    • Super practical – can be used during as well as after pregnancy
    • Size exchange and return for free
    From CHF 79.00

    Pregnancy dress – Summer breeze

    0 out of 5

    This long pregnancy dress is light and comfortable. Will help you float through pregnancy with ease.

    • Long flowy dress with a perfect cut – neckline nicely models the cleavage, pleating ensures comfortable fit to growing belly
    • Maximum comfort thanks to high quality fabric and lining from the waist down
    • Perfect for summer holidays, grill party at friends’ or romantic dinner
    • Super practical – can be used during as well as after pregnancy!
    • Size exchange for free
    CHF 99.00 From CHF 79.00