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  • mama blanket – Penguins

    0 out of 5

    Luxuriously soft, fluffy, cosy…..this adult size blanket is a magnet for any (tired) mama. Well, to be honest, it’s a magnet for kids, husbands and dogs, too.

    • deliciously soft & comfy invites to snuggle
    • supercosy, thick and warm – cuddle up companion during chilly days or nights
    • beautifully weighted – feels like a fluffy cloud
    • variety of unique designs to liven up your home or chalet
    • biiiiiig – enough to cover whole family (watching cartoons on Sunday morning)
    • great as a blanket or a unique quilt
    CHF 138.35
  • Diaper bag set – Penguins

    0 out of 5

    The most feminine diaper bag set. All what you need for out and about. Because only mamas know how many things can be useful during a walk 🙂 The set includes 4 items:

    1. Big bag – always enough space for all what your baby might think of 🙂
    2. Mini bag with a handle – for all the small necessities
    3. Changing mat – waterproof, easy to roll and keep clean. With lightweight filling to make the changing soft and comfortable.
    4. Stroller organizer – a masterpiece for well organized mom. It can be attached to the stroller separately.  With 4 compartments – two inside and two outside – to accommodate whatever you need
    • the set can be attached directly to the stroller with the leather straps. These are interchangeble between the bag and the organizer.
    • the big bag can change the shape and become a perfectly elegant bag for walk in the city or an office
    • Stylish designs for all mamas
    • Ideal for a walk or an all day trip, everything will always be on hand
    CHF 176.42
  • Footmuff – Penguins (bigger size)

    0 out of 5

    This is no ordinary stroller footmuff. It’s the most stylish and indulging stroller accessory for mama. It’s the coziest superwarm strolling friend for the baby.

    • Ultimate warmth & softness when out & about
    • Waterproof! – keeps baby  warm and dry even on rainy or snowy days
    • Universal & adaptable – holes for seat belts keep the footmuff in place in both stroller or carseat; adapts to all 2 and 5 point harness systems
    • Practical (also for toddler) – double-sided zipper allows to unzip bottom part so those muddy boots of your toddler can hang out without the risk of making the footmuff dirty
    • Fully removable top part to easily control warmth (e.g. when shopping)
    • Hip & stylish stroller accessory- brings smiles to both big & small ones .
    • Check our matching handmuffs to create stylish set and keep mama’s hands warm
    CHF 129.06 CHF 110.49