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  • Anti-shock baby pillow – Silver stars

    0 out of 5

    Head supporting anti-shock pillow. Its optimum shape developed with physiotherapist provides ideal head support during bumpy stroller or car rides. Made from soft, breathable bamboo material –  perfect even for hot weather. Suitable from birth.

    • Optimal shape developed with a physiotherapist – reduces shocks to baby’s head and ensures maximum comfort during bumpy car rides or walks on uneven surfaces
    • Made from unique bamboo material – extra soft and breathable, bamboo is ideal for hot weather, as it prevents child’s body from overheating
    • Suitable from birth
    • Perfect for travelling or at home – ergonomic fit and head support allows baby to sit comfortably & sleep calm
    • Special attachment allows to combine with our stroller pads. Check here.
    CHF 33.90
  • Bamboo Stroller pad – Silver stars

    0 out of 5

    Stroller pad –  stylish and practical accessory for your stroller. Protects stroller from dirt or crumbs. Provides ultimate comfort for your baby.

    • Practical – protects from dirt and crumbs, machine washable
    • Universal & adaptable – fits most models of the strollers
    • Comfy, even in hot weather – protects baby’s body from the synthetic padding of the stroller
    • Made from unique bamboo material – extra soft and breathable, bamboo is ideal for hot weather, as it prevents child’s body from overheating
    • Secure –  straps and holes for seat belts keep the stroller in place even during baby’s movement
    • Stylish – enlivens your stroller with fun designs
    CHF 44.90
  • Big size ORGANIC Bamboo Toddler Towel – Silver stars

    0 out of 5

    Happy  & cuddly bath towel from supersoft terry. Made of organic bamboo – unique material that exceeds quality of cotton towels, being much softer and more absorbent.

    • unbelievably soft & comfy –  offers comfort and warmth
    • super absorbent –  to keep little ones warm and dry
    • ideal for sensitive skin of even smallest babies
    • extra size – good for kids 1-5 years
    • playful look making the bath finish happy for every toddler
    CHF 42.90
  • Multi-use bamboo muslin Trio-pack – Silver stars

    5 out of 5

    Must have for every mama – premium quality, stylish and soooo practical. Our bamboo muslin multiuse cloth will become your everyday favorite. As of first touch.

    • luxuriously soft & delicate, use confidently even for most delicate parts
    • unique material – ultralight yet extremely absorbent
    • right size – not too big for your handbag not too small to be useless 🙂
    • versatile for everyday and every occasion (check our picture gallery)
    • 3 different lovable designs in 1 pack
    • most practical newborn gift – you’ll be thanked over & over again
    CHF 19.90
  • Nursing Cover – Silver stars

    5 out of 5

    Our premium quality nursing cover lets you enjoy breastfeeding on the go or at home when having visitors. Absolute must have breastfeeding item.

    • strengthened neckline for direct eye contact with your beloved baby. Check the latch on or just smile 🙂
    • easy “1hand only” put-on for busy moms
    • secure – stays in place, no need to fiddle around with large scarfs or blankets
    • made of breathable, lightweight and soft material
    • folds down to a tiny size so you can fit it even to your handbag
    • comes with a handy bag with some extra space for pacifiers, pads or tissues
    • elegant design to complement your unique style
    • look no further for the perfect baby shower gift! Practical yet stylish.
    CHF 32.90
  • Multi-use swaddle – Silver stars

    0 out of 5

    Supersoft, ultralight, practical, versatile, stylish. Our multi-use bamboo swaddle is a true masterpiece. Just choose the style that fits you. Or rather two. 🙂

    • helps settle your baby reminding her of safety of your womb
    • cocoons the baby in pleasant warmth she will adore
    • made of unique material – luxuriously soft bamboo muslin ideal for delicate skin
    • generous size for easy swaddling
    • versatile – stroller cover, changing pad cover, tummy time blanket… and much more
    • elegant & classy; silver stars for your little star
    CHF 21.90
  • Duvet swaddles, bamboo muslin swaddles

    Supersoft Muslin Towel – Silver Stars

    0 out of 5

    This towel is produced from a unique material that exceeds the quality of cotton towels – comparing to normal cotton it’s much softer and has better absorbency.

    • unbelievably soft & comfy – wash after wash after wash
    • super absorbent – to keep little ones warm and dry, especially important for newborn
    • grows with your baby – newborns will love it, toddlers will enjoy it
    • elegant design with chocolate stars for your little star
    CHF 18.90