About Us

When you see that first “scan” you know your baby is the biggest miracle and the most precious gift in the world*. From that moment on, you would do anything to keep them safe, make them smile and let them know they’re loved. We know. We are moms.

*That is, if you’re the mom. If you’re the father, the feeling might really hit you only a bit later – let’s say somewhere between the third squeezing of your finger by the smallest of hands and their first smile. And yes, it might really REALLY hit you only when a pair of little feet is running at the speed of light across the room towards you with arms stretched and a huge smile with almost all teeth happily shouting “daddy daddy”. Sooner or later, it WILL hit you.

Our Team


Mom of a 6-year-young fly-chasing crazy-dancing dynamo that only wants to sleep in a “bunker” with an assortment of his favorite cars.

Loves traveling the world (on and offline) to find the coolest and most practical little things that make motherhood even more special.

Sets the weather in the office to “always sunny” and personally adds little caring extras to every package mamastore sends out.


Mom of two little ladies (7 and 5-year-old) that cover the full temperament spectrum between Cinderella and the Kardashians.

She’s a passionate fighter for fashionable yet useful baby accessories without boring clichés.

Never had a bad hair day and her replies emails with the highest smileys-to-words ratio in the world.


An expert father with multiple years of experience in bringing up the nation’s best (one 6-and-something-year-old).

Makes ideas bigger (theoretically), pictures cooler, texts funnier and Aperol Spritz stronger.

Nespresso has George Clooney and we have Lukas… thinking what hot actor we should get as a mascot.


A father of a small one and a big one (computers) as well as 2 kids.

Master of anything IT, he’s on a mission to make your shopping as fast and easy as taking socks off a sleeping baby and as fun as playing with a puppy.

He never sleeps, just waits for the servers to refresh at night.


A father of none (yet), but a brother to us all, Pali is our resident polyglot and the energy behind smooth logistics, negotiations and baby fairs.

Some say, that he invented bamboo and that he wrote a book on parenting when he was four.

All we know is he’s always there to help keep mamastore operations running.

Our Philosophy

Destination for modern parents. Products as exciting and classy as motherhood itself.

We appreciate mamas. They deserve more than ordinary average quality babycliche. We offer products that we feel are crème de la crème essentials every mama should have – premium quality, unique, stylish, practical. Products we use ourselves. Designed and chosen with love for you and the most precious little people you have in your life.

Our promise

We are committed to quality.

We only offer products we believe in and vouch for. We pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality products, personally selected and tested to stand out in three important areas: thought-through smart design, meticulous craftsmanship and use of the best certified baby materials. Like our towels, muslins, swaddles – all made of bamboo, softer and more absorbent than cotton. Our baby shoes – designed to support healthy development of tiny feet. Or our blankets – the softest you’ve ever touched. We know our manufacturers in person, making sure they share our values and appreciation of motherhood, translating that care into every single product.

We are passionate about unique and surprising.

A love affair for both mama and baby. Adorable, super-cool, exciting, elegant, cute, to die for, classy, playful. We seek products that impress. We believe in the very special sort of inner joy, which comes alive when you’re using products you just love. Mamas deserve every bit of that joy. We want all mamas to be able to expand the range of their fashion accessories with baby blankets, muslins, nursing covers….so ditch those high heels and check mamastore for your new stylish accessory.

We strive to simplify parenthood.

Proven by generations of mamas. Our products help to deal with everyday surprises a life with a baby brings. While you are trying to be the best mama in the world, you can never be fully ready. That’s why we choose products that will make any and every situation a bit easier. Like our duvet swaddles that give parents the confidence to handle a fragile newborn, or our nursing covers that allow discreet breastfeeding, giving you freedom wherever you go. Our products equal their quality and beauty in practicality.