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First shoes - Red must be

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High-quality shoes from premium Italian leather for first baby steps. Developed to fit anatomical peculiarities of little feet, these shoes ensure healthy development of the feet, stability, comfort. Safe and confident first steps for your baby.
  • light, breathable shoe produced from high quality soft natural leather and 100% cotton
  • soft anatomically shaped insole to prevent flat feet
  • insole developed to adapt perfectly to baby feet
  • rounded, wide front to provide comfort and prevent malformations of the toes
  • enforced heel and high ankle cut to perfectly fix the feet and provide stability
  • passed demanding certification process, approved by committee of health experts
Our shoes and slippers are produced from high quality materials (natural leather from Italy, 100% cotton), with flexible sole, strengthened high cut heel, soft anatomically shaped insole. All are breathable and have great moisture absorbing qualities. Every model passed demanding certification process for health safety. With our shoes you can be sure you are making the right step towards healthy development of the feet of your little one. All this talk about healthy shoes, but why? Why are feet of your little one so special? Why do you need to pay extra care when buying the shoes during those first years? We all know small feet are first of all super cute :) but they are also sophisticated masterpiece with many peculiarities - 28 bones, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles, joints, tendons taking care of mobility and support, of your little champion
  • bones of the baby feet stay soft for longer time, hence there is a chance to get easily deformed by wrong shoes
  • baby feet are quite well resistant to pain or pressure. Kids then are endangered by wearing wrong shoes without us, parents, even noticing!
  • bad fit of the shoe can cause deformation such as flat feet or toes malformation
  • baby feet grow and change shape fast, thus shoes need to provide enough space esp. for the toes
  • baby feet sweat more than adult ones, that’s why breathability and good absorbing qualities are important in baby shoes
  • toddler makes daily 18000 to 20000 steps which makes it absolute necessity to have the shoes light
All in all, us, parents, have big responsibility to help the healthy development of our kids’ feet and as a result overall musculoskeletal system. That’s why choosing the right shoes from the very beginning is critical. We are big believers in healthy shoes. We will be proud and happy to become your partner in this journey with many stylish yet functional and practical models that are developed in mind with the needs of those little feet. Would you like to learn more? Read here.   Made in EU Suitable from first steps up to 1.5-2years old
First shoes - Red must be - Mamastore
First shoes - Red must be Sale priceCHF 39.90 Regular priceCHF 49.90