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Wobbly first steps? Confident run of an energetic toddler? With our shoes, you can be sure you are providing the best for the healthy development of those cute little feet. Tailored to specific needs of little feet, our shoes passed a demanding certification process and approvals by the committee for healthy footwear.

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Economisez CHF 10.00First shoes - Classy elegance - Mamastore
Premières chaussures - Classy elegance Prix de venteCHF 39.90 Prix normalCHF 49.90
Economisez CHF 10.00First shoes - Purple dots - Mamastore
Premières chaussures - Purple dots Prix de venteCHF 29.90 Prix normalCHF 39.90
Economisez CHF 10.00First shoes - Red must be - Mamastore
Premières chaussures - Red must be Prix de venteCHF 39.90 Prix normalCHF 49.90
First shoes - Confident boy - Mamastore